Our mission.

The bike.

What a thing.

An escape. A ticket. A punishment. A thrill.

Whatever the question, riding is usually the answer.

Freedom. Free travel. Fresh air. Fast segments.

We all have different reasons for getting in the saddle. But we’re all united by the same feelings when we get off again; rejuvenated, healthy, positive, proud.

Sure, some complain of busy roads, shitty weather, a sore bum, but we soon forget.
The real pain in the arse is when you can’t ride. You’re injured. Too busy. Too locked-down.

Having a bike that doesn’t work? A bike that doesn’t perform as it should? That’s a different type of frustration. A hassle that usually gets worse before it gets better.

That’s because getting your bike back on the road is fraught with pitfalls the size of London potholes.

Poor availability
Intimidating terminology.
Confusing options
Bill shock.

E-commerce is the biggest technical revolution since the wheel was invented. And yet the bike service business is still stubbornly stuck in the dark ages.

We’re here to sort this out. And we’ve got the bit between our teeth.

We’re going to blend old school expertise with modern service expectations. Oily rags with tech-led innovation.
Bricks & mortar with push notifications.

No one raves about average. Which is why we’ve built a business our around you.

To put the cyclist first.

To keep London’s riders, riding.

Join us.

Extraordinary service, zero faff. As seen in...