New name. Same people. Even better service.


Although fettle is a new name, we have been doing bike servicing and bike repairs since 2019, previously trading as Handlebars. Over the last 18 months the business has grown to over 5 London workshops servicing thousands of bikes a year. We’re definitely doing something right! We wanted to change bicycle repair in London, and we've been doing just that.

However, we never rest. The reason for changing what we look like is to ensure we’re meeting the ever changing needs of our customers. As our CEO Jeyda Heselton explains “Our own research highlights some of the frustrations customers feel when getting their bike repaired. We want to be the antidote to that and reinvent bike repair. Before, we weren't standing out enough, so we wanted to be bold and make sure we were properly getting across what we're really about - faff-free bike repair”.


Simplicity, reassurance and convenience are the most valued characteristics for progressive service brands. Or, as we say, extraordinary service and zero-faff. This is what fettle is all about.