Avoid public transport. Stay healthy. Get on your bike!

As the prospect of crowding onto a stuffy tube or a busy bus becomes increasingly daunting, many people who still have to travel to work, collect supplies or visit vulnerable relatives, are left wondering how to get around without contracting or spreading coronavirus.

At Handlebars (now named Fettle.), we’ve been promoting the benefits of the bike for a long time. But in these difficult times - now more than ever - one answer to that tricky travel question has to by cycling. And as the streets are emptying of cars and vans, now is the perfect time to get on your bike!

And it’s not just us saying that! On Thursday, Julie Harrington, Chief Executive of British Cycling, wrote to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, urging him to include cycling on the list of recommended activities during the outbreak:

“Riding bicycles offers us a unique solution to several of the key challenges facing us. It is a safe form of local transport and gentle recreation, keeping us the required distance from others, while at the same time strengthening our immune systems and bolstering our mental health”.

With more than a third of journeys in the UK under two miles and with more than 60% of them under five miles, we should be doing everything we can to promote the bike as the primary mode of transportation at the best of times. Right now, we should be promoting it as one of the safest and most valuable too!

Perhaps most importantly, encouraging cycling to keep people healthy (and sane after days cooped up in the house!) can help relieve pressure on the NHS. And we want to do our bit for the heroes on the front line too. That’s why we’re offering a 100% discount on all labour charges for NHS workers to help keep them going. Just show us your NHS badge when you visit either our Shoreditch or Monument workshops and use the code NHSHEROES when booking online.

We’re also working to arrange free bike pop-ups at hospitals all over London where we bring a mechanic and all the necessary tools to provide free bike safety checks for hospital staff. If you work in a hospital or know someone who does, get in touch - we’d love to hear from you.

And for everyone else stuck at home, Handlebars (Fettle) is also offering a bike collection and returns service. Simply go online to select a convenient pick-up time; we’ll collect your bike, take it back to our workshop and get fixing; and then we’ll return your bike at a time and date to suit all within 48 hours.

Visit to find out more.

Feel free to drop us a line at or give us a call on 01792 720 088.

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