COVID-19: What Handlebars is doing

COVID-19: What Handlebars is doing

In light of the increasing threat of COVID-19, at Handlebars we recognise that it is important we all take steps to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus amongst our staff and our customers. Below are a series of internal and external directives we have implemented to help keep everyone safe and cycling:

1. One Mechanic - One Workshop

Our mechanics are currently working in isolation. This means that we only have one mechanic per workshop with no direct interaction or contact with customers, delivery drivers, etc.

2. Collections and Returns

All bikes are fully cleaned and disinfected upon collection and return. We know that not all household cleaning products kill the COVID-19 virus which is why we spray the bikes with a 96% alcohol solution. This is extremely effective at killing any harmful germs but does not damage your bike.

3. Hand washing

All staff will wash their hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds - this includes on entering the workshop; when handling customers bikes; and after using a computer or touch screen device.

4. Protective Clothing

All staff will wear latex / disposable gloves and masks at all times when working on bikes - these are replaced after each job and staff will not handle customers' bikes without wearing gloves or masks.

5. Deep Clean

We know that COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for up to nine days . This is why we ensure that all work surfaces (e.g. countertops and tables) will be bleached and disinfected at the start and end of each day.

6. Self-Isolation

Any staff that feel unwell or believe that they have been exposed to someone who may have the virus will immediately self-isolate.

Bicycle shops have been included in the list of notable exceptions to retail shop closures, alongside supermarkets and pharmacies, and the government is encouraging people to cycle as a form of regular exercise.

As such, our Monument workshop will be remaining open during this time to help keep people moving safely. As part of our efforts, we have also launched a bike collection and return service which you can read about here.

Please be advised that this blog post represents our current position on the date of publishing. We are reviewing guidance from the government and health officials on a daily basis and we will be updating our policies accordingly.

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