• emilyowen847

Shoreditch gets a makeover

Your local Shoreditch bike workshop has had a facelift, or a makeover, you decide.

Working with the very talented ‘Dave aka DRT’ (@drtlondon), our trailer now has an eye catching pop to it that stands out from the crowd.

We wanted to work with someone local who had an interest in cycling to give our trailer the paint job it deserved. We worked so hard making the inside of the trailer a tidy, clean bike workshop, we wanted the outside to get the same attention and treatment.

Using our brand colours, Dave came down and spent the day turning our trailer into a masterpiece and we think it’s turned out amazing. Make sure to take a pic when you’re down!

And who knows, maybe you’ll see more collabs coming up with local artists in the future. On that note, if you are a local artist and you would be up for collaborating with your local bike workshop, we’d love to hear from you. We’ve got loads of ideas and would be good to hear yours too! Get in touch - /

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