Want a Bike Repair Pop-up at your office?

Updated: Jun 28

fettle was set up with the ambition to provide city-wide networks of bike servicing locations across the whole of the UK. Our mission is to offer a convenient place for your bike to be serviced and repaired. Now, as London's fastest growing bike-repair network, we're certainly on our way to fulfilling that ambition.

Let us come to you!

Happy and healthy employees are a huge part of the success of a company, and we want to help. Swapping a stressful commute on a packed bus or train, for a smooth and clear ride on a bike into work can be a huge benefit, let alone the expense your employees will be saving by riding in. Cycling is currently the safest, quickest, and most economical choice for your employees’ commutes.

We want to help you help your employees. We can work with offices, running a pop-up on-site, providing a free check-up of all your employees’ bikes, and offer a bike repair collection/ drop off service for those that need to be booked into our workshop.

Our most recent office pop-up

Fora, a chain of premium, hospitality-focused working spaces, asked Handlebars to run a bike assessment pop-up in their office for a week to assess employees' bikes and get them back on the road, safely.

We saw an array of bikes come through, including Bromptons, mountain bikes, and road racing machines. Simple fixes on site included, blown-out tires, snapped chains, and loose headsets, while bigger jobs were booked in for collections the following week. The week was a huge success, working across 5 Fora locations, assessing over 50 bikes, and collecting a handful of bikes the following week to be worked on further.

Our service is simple, we set up in your office for a week and assess, or, if we can, fix bikes while employees go about their usual working day with an update at the end of the day. Some bikes need some more TLC, meaning work needs to be done on the bike in one of our London workshops. We also make this easy for your employees, booking them onto our collection service the following week, with the intention of having their bike back at the office ready either the same day or the following day (depending on the work needed).

We want to work with you!

We know the current climate means we're having to think on our feet, and a lot of people are deciding to work from home. If you are an office owner and need your employees in the office, we want to make sure your employees are commuting the safest way - cycling! Drop us an email to find out more and how we can work together.

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