fettle team.

We're a friendly bunch with a tonne of experience and oodles of energy. Familiarise yourself with our muggins below.


Jeyda Heselton


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The captain of the ship! Jeyda is a former product manager of JustPark, creative consultant and keen commuter cyclist.

After working on mobile mobility, Jeyda realised how much of a hassle bicycle servicing can be. Enter fettle (formerly Handlebars)! In her free time you can find her shimmying up rock climbing walls, or scouring London to take photos of the capital's best front doors. 

Andre Noble

London Lead Mechanic

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Former workshop manager of Sigma Sports, Evans and Cycle Surgery, Andre has been working on bikes since he was 15. After snapping his chain cycling home from school, Andre began teaching himself how to repair his beloved Specialized.


As one customer recently said, "if Andre doesn't know it, it isn't worth knowing." We quite agree!


Jim Morris

People Manager

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Jim leads on all things people and HR here at fettle. He believes there's nothing more delightful than getting up early on a summer's day to head out on a road bike - the route planning, the locations, the drink stops - he loves it all!

In his free time you'll find him poaching eggs, playing football and training his new pup.

Lee Askew

Senior Mechanic

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After building up a reputation as a mechanic in South-West London, Lee was invited to work for the DHB Canyon racing team, later becoming the head mechanic. 

He travelled all over Europe working on high-end bikes everyday He remembers it as a crazy time, being the guy you actually see on TV fixing a bike in the race!

Charlotte Head
Lead Mechanic

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Charlotte is the Senior Mechanic at our Islington workshop. She decided to become a mechanic when she wanted to learn how to build wheels. She's a complete a pro at it and we send any wheel build her way!

The speed whizz belongs to a race team, One Life Cycle and firmly believes cycling should be as inclusive as possible.


Sam Swann


Reece Birtchnell


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Sporty Sam is a busy man. When he's not fixing bikes in our Islington workshop, he's playing hockey at the Upminster hockey club, or representing Beckton bowling club. He's also swum at a national level.

In his free time you can find him keeping fit and riding his bike, although he is partial to a PlayStation game too!

Reece decided to train as a mechanic after spending his hours dismantling anything he could get his hands on, and figuring out how it fitted together.

When he's not working at our Monument branch he's off practicing Tae Kwondo (he has a black belt) and mountain biking.

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The brand and marketing obsessive is a busy man. When he's not at fettle he's chasing after his two young boys, taking part in the occasional race, hiking or coaching (he's a qualified British Cycling Coach).

He's a keen adventurer, having cycled and climbed in the Alps, Himalayas, Peru and Tajikistan.

Kit Meguer
Lead Mechanic

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Kit is a senior mechanic in our Hyde Park workshop. After realising on a pub ride he could hit 20mph with his own two legs, he was in love! 

He got his first bike, joined a local club and raked in the miles. The itch to fix followed soon after, working at his local bike shop and getting paid in parts, before getting qualified and running a shop in Sydney, Australia.

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Hayley Whitehorn


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An avid cyclist, when they're not fixing bikes at Fettle, they are fixing and building bikes for Velociposse. Hayley can frequently be found at fixed gear criteriums, trying new disciplines or on an adventure with Steezy Collective.

Simon Humphris
Marketing Advisor

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Andy Lu

Stock Manager

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Andy's been in the cycling industry all his working life, at Evans for 8 years and Pearson Cycles for 1.  He's primarily a road rider, but also enjoy mountain biking when he can. 

He's fascinated by mechanisms and the way they work, and reckons he's more interested in the bikes themselves, rather than the actual riding.

Emily Owen

Customer Service

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Emily started learning bike maintenance off YouTube ahead of a cycling trip a few years ago, when she pedalled her much-too-small-for-her childhood mountain bike to Serbia. She says she looked ridiculous, but it was great fun.

When she's not at fettle you'll find her cycling round London, or adding to her antique spoon collection.



Chief Woofer

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You'll find the real captain of fettle, Odin, at our Islington workshop. He enjoys meeting customers and getting fussed over, or snoozing in his bed. 

He also loves travelling to work in his cargo bike with owner Charlotte. 

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Tom Cornwell

Marketing Manager

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Our marketing manager, Tom is passionate about driving growth in mission-led start ups. Formerly an ex bike-racer, Tom raced across Europe, pedalling against the top U23's until deciding to step away from the sport, after a struggling with illness and injury for a number of years.

He now spends his time helping amazing companies grow, climbing "but mostly falling", and occasionally racing bikes (to the nearest cafe.)

James Wells

Lead Mechanic

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James has been working in the bicycle repair game for 13 years.  He has a passion for cycling and has tried every type of cycling that there is but now he mostly does his best to cycle everyday. Fixing bikes and getting them back on the road or trail puts a smile on his face. His dream cycling future would be to live near some great mountain trails and train his dog to be the trail dog king.