Price for Services & Repairs

Not sure what you need?

No problem at all. Simply choose the bike repair or bike service that you think best matches your needs. This will give you a slot for our mechanics to have a look at your steed in one of our London cycle workshops.

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A bike service for bicycles that need some attention, but don't have any particular issues.

  • Full safety check

  • Inspection & adjustment of brakes, gears, frame, forks handlebars & headset

  • Tyres check for damage and inflated to the correct pressure

  • All bolts checked and tightened

  • Chain lubricated

Mini fettle.



£60 for electric bike

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Our most popular service, recommended if you're using your bike regularly, or are having any problems with your bike.


  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned and re-greased

  • Bottom bracket checked for wear, adjusted if necessary

  • Brake calipers removed, cleaned and re-greased

  • Wheels checked over, spokes checked for damage and tension

  • Forks are cleaned, seat post removed and anti seize replaced

  • Any parts approved in the quote are installed

  • If a disc brake bleed is required, a £30 labour charge will be advised on the quote


Solid fettle.



£100 for electric bike

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A complete strip down and rebuild. Recommended for the perfect ride.


  • Both hubs are taken apart and bearings inspected for wear, replacements installed if necessary

  • Headset is taken apart and inspected for wear, replacement quoted if necessary

  • The bike is stripped and cleaned thoroughly

  • During the rebuild, we make sure to use the correct paste compounds and lubricants, re-torquing components to the manufacturer specific requirements to get those marginal gains

Pro fettle.



£210 for electric bike


Specific Repairs

Our Pricing

Below are some common bike repairs we see in our London cycle workshops. These are guide prices and exclude the cost of any new parts. After you drop your bike off we always provide a quote and don't start work until you've approved it. 

Brake Service (Per End)                                                                                                                            £30

New Brake or Gear Cable                                                                                                                        £15

Chain and Cassette Change                                                                                                               £30

Handlebar Tape Fitting                                                                                                                            £15

Puncture                                                                                                                                                            £15

Tubeless Installation (Per Wheel)                                                                                                      £30

Tyre Fitting                                                                                                                                                        £15

Wheel True                                                                                                                                                        £15

Wheel Build                                                                                                                                                      £45