Employee benefits.

Faff-free bike repair as a staff benefit.

The shift towards two-wheeled commuting to work is happening right now. But keeping bikes roadworthy in a cost-efficient, hassle-free way can be a challenge.

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Discover our range of maintenance services designed to keep your teams riding safely for longer.

On site bike health checks. Our expert mechanics will come to your office and carry out full bike health checks. Plus we offer £10 off labour for any additional work needed.
Maintenance workshops. From committed commuters, to the more advanced enthusiast, our expert mechanics will host on site maintenance classes to help riders keep their bikes in top condition.
Ride-to-work bike maintenance voucher. Regular servicing and preventative maintenance helps avoid more costly, inconvenient repairs. Our bike health check voucher allows you to offset these costs for staff and we'll give you an extra £5 added value on top.

Why bike repair will benefit your employees.

Work perks are a brilliant way to demonstrate to your staff and prospective talent that you are a sustainability-conscious employer.

Cycling to work has a huge number of benefits, like…
Faster journeys - no more traffic jams
London is one of the most congested cities in the world, with average speeds of 7 miles per hour for cars. Bad for stress & the environment.
Cheaper commutes
A cyclist commuting 5 miles per day will saves hundreds of pounds compared to public transport or driving.
Improved productivity
Just one bout of moderate intensity exercise enhances our cognition, including reasoning & planning abilities.
Better physical & mental health
Cycling to work is linked with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer & a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
Less risk of sickness
Cyclists risk less transmission of airborne diseases compared to public transport.
Better for the environment
Riding a bike saves 250g of CO2 per km compared to a car.
Why fettle is right for you?
We’re faff-free.
Your staff have complete control with online booking, plus a collection & return service to minimise disruption to their lives.
We hire the best mechanics.
We treat all bikes like our own, have countless years of experience and come highly recommended (check out our Google reviews).
We cover the whole of London.
With workshops across the city & a collection & return service covering London within M25, we offer your staff convenience like no other
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